Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thank You Lord - Don Moen Concert

It was July 28 that time when we watched Don Moen concert at Araneta. It was raining hard that time (God Is Good!!) but we still manage to go and see the concert. (Thanks to my sister in law and her hubby for the ride and the ticket as well.) This is our first Christian concert that we watch after I convert to Christian believer last May 2006. I love the way Don Moen and his band sing praises to God. He sang his all time favorite like Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord, Celebrate Jesus, Give Thanks, God Is Good All The Time, Heal Me O Lord and others. I can totally feel God's presence during that time. I believe being a Christian is really hard but my faith will continue to be stronger each day as face my everyday challenges. To God Be The Glory.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My First Baby Digital LO

Finally, I was able to create a digital LO for myself. The colors looks so sweet and adorable. This is one of my favorite not because it was my baby picture but I'm really inspired when I'm doing it. I had done this layout in less than an hour. Hmmm.... marathon to the max. Oh wait, Am I cute?

Digital Kit:
Sweet Pea - Design By Krista

Butterfly Brushes

Friday, July 20, 2007

New Friendship

Deedee and I met last January 22, 2007. From a formal meeting at Wendy's regarding my website, turns to be a casual talks everyday. New friendship were developed between the two of us. Days won't be complete without talking to one another for our daily updates. Thanks to SUN's UNLIMITED TEXT and CALL we owe a big one from your company. Chinese and Filipina can go together as long as they had same interest COMPUTER, SCRAPBOOKING, HOARDERS and SHOPPING ONLINE. Our friendship became deeper each day. We shared ideas regarding our layouts, opinions about the site we surfed with and family matter. She is my shopping partner. So up to date with new stuffs and technique in the market. My Adobe Photoshop teacher, she was the one who introduced me about brushes and other techniques regarding the software. Computer Wizard! I learn a lot from you from, stumble and etc. Truly a nice, kind and sweet friend. QUEEN OF STAMPS!!! Love You Friend.


Friendship were also develop between Deedee and Sherwin.


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