Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Night With FTC Friends

Our gathering with Ramon and Alvin started last year at Kimono Ken The Block. I was the one who ask them to had a Christmas get to together. I enjoy being with them. They bring us so much enjoy that I can really treasure a lifetime. These two guys are my precious friends. Truly a friend in need.
This year, Ramon invited our dear Kumpareng Norson and Kumareng I-chun to join us. Dine at Five Cows, Trinoma. The food was delicious. Steaks were so juicy. Never mind the diet and
weight, can't resist the yummy dessert they had. We still had so much fun specially with Tan-Tan(norson's son) was their to cheer us with his funny faces. Tan was the open who open our respective gifts to them. Ahem! They all got surprised with their personalize clocks. Can't explain their individual reaction.
I hate saying goodbye everytime we had a gathering. Too many stories to tell and one single night is not enough for us. I hope that we can still have our casual dinner even it's ordinary day. Thank you for the company and for giving us the stuffed cow.

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